:: Information of the Central Computing Facilities in the Institute ::

Sr. No. Discription Amount / No of Items
    A. Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz - Intel 850 chipset motherboard - 128 pc800Mhz rdram - 20GB HDD - nvidia Geforce2MX 64MB 4x - Sound Blaster compatible 128 sounds Mulitimedia 160 PC
    B. Legal licences of System & Application Software Yes
    C. System Softwares available Yes
    D. Applications Softwares available 20
    E. Printers available (Type: DMP/Desk Jet/ Laser Jet) 15
     F. Scanners available 02
  • Generator / UPS back-up available (back-up period and capacity in KVA)
  • Fully Campus is Networked
  • Laboratories are Networked through LAN

  • Internet facility is available. with Band Width 10 mbps
  • Computers available with multimedia and digitization in the Library
  • in Computer Center posting System Manager,System Analyst,Computer Programmer,Computer Operator,Non- Teaching Staff and for Maintenance technical Staff